Bridge Club Live

December 24, 2020
As an organisation with former links to the EBU, BCL has for many years had an extremely favourable arrangement with the EBU for awarding master points. With the proliferation this year of other online clubs paying UMS and awarding master points, it was felt that all such clubs should be treated equally and so the AGM of the EBU voted to discontinue the special status that had been held by BCL. As a consequence, BCL has decided no longer to run any games of its own providing EBU master points, but instead to provide a platform for other affiliated clubs to run their games. So BCL members who wish to earn EBU master points can continue to do so by supporting BCL’s “F2F Virtual Sessions”. Membership of any EBU affiliated club brings with it EBU membership through the Universal Membership Subscription (UMS) scheme.