EBU Social Bridge on RealBridge

January 26, 2021

Large numbers of EBU members are playing online in our EBU games on BBO, in virtual club games on BBO and in the clubs running games on BCL and RealBridge. We also know that may of you prefer to play casual games online, rather than playing in a competitive duplicate event.


There has been a lot of interest expressed in RealBridge, an online platform developed by a couple of EBU members, which greatly enhances the social aspect of online bridge by integrating it with video and audio – so you can see and hear the other people at your table.


Combining these two things has led us to offer EBU Social Bridge, which allows you to play online within your own social circle – you arrange who your partner and opponents will be, swapping around if you like.


  • Three sessions daily
    • 9am-1pm
    • 2pm-6pm
    • 7pm-11pm
  • You can play up to 20 boards at any time during your chosen session
  • You can have more than four players if you cut in and cut out
  • £5 for the whole table
  • Book and pay by logging in to My EBU -> Utilities -> Book Events, choosing which session you want to play
  • Non-members are allowed to play - only the person booking and paying needs to be an EBU member
  • We will set up a table for you with your name on and send you a link to give to your players, usually the day before the game
  • We try to be available to help you all familiarise yourselves and deal with any problems that might arise


This should suit those who like to play casual bridge online and those who are used to playing Chicago or rubber bridge.


Some teachers might also like to use it for classes and supervised games (tell us if you are going to do this and we can give you an extra login so you can watch the four players at the table). If you are an EBTA teacher, don’t forget that you can join new student members to the EBU for free. You do this from MyEBU -> Teaching -> Students.


So, all you need to do is find some friends to play with, pay in My EBU, email us telling us when you want to play and use the link that we will send you back. This service is available now!