National Handicap Pairs Championship

12th September 2021, various locations, whether live or online

The National Handicap Pairs Championship is open to all clubs.


The Handicap Championship Pairs is a new event that will take place at heats organised by host bridge clubs. These clubs are responsible for most aspects of the heat, including taking entries, running the game and submitting the scores. The entry fee is determined by each host club - a part of this is remitted to the EBU and the rest is retained by club, so by taking part you are supporting your local club as well as playing in a national competition.

Details of the clubs which are hosting heats will be available below.


The competition will be played as a single extended session, about 30 boards, scored by match-points all participating venues. The time of the event will be determined by the host venue providing the start time is no earlier than 11am and no later than 2pm. Please see below for information. Handicaps will be based on the average NGS of the two players in each pair. Players will need to have their NGS visible.

To enter

Please enter directly with the host club. The contact details and/or the process for making an entry for each venue will be listed below.

Closing date for entries is at club discretion

Master Points

Blue Points will be awarded to the top 1/3 of the overall field at National rate and prizes will be awarded based on the overall ranking list. NGS grading for this event will be based on the underlying local results.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in this event.

2020 Venues (2021 venues to follow)

Details of the clubs which are hosting heats will be posted here when confirmed. There is still time for additional clubs to register to run heats. If your club wishes to host a heat please contact Current confirmed venues are: Brierfield Bridge Club Caterham Bridge Club Cheltenham Bridge Club Horsham Bridge Club Mid Essex Bridge Club (First Class Bridge) Patcham Bridge Club Poulton Bridge Club Richmond Bridge Club St Georges Bridge Centre Stamford Bridge Club Stansfield Bridge Club

Find a partner/team mates

If you are looking for a partner or team mates for this congress, please use the comments board below. Please note: To reduce confusion, messages relating to a previous year's congress will be removed from the board. Please see this page if you need help using the comments board.